Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Organising my life

Just as a pre-warning this is a little different to my usual posts related to beauty but I hope that you enjoy it and you take something away from it nonetheless.

Ok, so recently I embarked upon my final year of high school, now that sounds really scary, and I felt that in order for me to be as prepared as I can be for my exams I had better start organising my life and so I took a trip to Staples. However I managed to convince myself that I needed what felt like almost half of the stationary in the shop which is no mean feat as our local staples is a converted warehouse..

Anyway I have made a start on 'organising my life' and so I thought I would share with you how I have begun to get organised.

Blu tack is just one of those things that you feel you need in order to keep yourself organised because it's just so useful I tend to use it for putting up my revision posters *yawn*

I also bought some notecards, card holders and customisable card dividers to store my revision in, I will be going back to collect more of these as they just make you feel so prepared!

Finally I bought the usual folders these were only 50p each so I stocked up, I also bought a lever arch file which was also a bit of a bargain at only £1.00!

I hope to write more of these posts as I start to collect more things to help me organise myself so keep an eye out for more like this!


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