Saturday, 15 June 2013

ZARA Office City Bag

It's here! I finally caved in and bought the Zara Office city bag and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to have it in my grasp! I was on the lookout for a new school bag and this just fits the brief perfectly. It keeps it's shape even when it's stuffed full and feels sturdy and well made.
It arrived in one of the biggest boxes I have ever seen, covered in tissue paper and with a little card showing the features of the bag. I love how the bag zips up and 'pops' together therefore preventing the contents becoming damp if it rains (which it regularly does in England!) it is also made of polyurethane with a cross hatched designed making it both look and feel luxurious but being practical at the same time as it is easy to wipe clean.
The lining is made of a lovely wine coloured polyester which again gives it the look of a much more expensive bag. 

As you can see the bag might fit loads of stuff in it but it doesn't swamp you. I am 5'1 and although it's clearly not a small bag it doesn't look massively oversized on a smaller frame.
The bag retails for £49.99 and although it's not cheap I wouldn't say that it isn't a reasonable price for a bag that will last quite a long time. The only problem I have noticed is that the zips can sometimes become a bit stiff but I left my bag to stand for a couple of days with nothing in it and they seem to have no problems now.
You can by this bag from the Zara website or by clicking this link.