Saturday, 28 December 2013

5 Lessons I have learnt in 2013

With the new year fast approaching I have decided to take a minute to think about the experiences I have had and learned from this year.

Lesson 1: Don't take yourself too seriously - if you do then it's no fun for yourself and sometimes others, so relax and have a little bit of a laugh if something embarrassing happens, embrace it! 

Lesson 2: Value everything you have - This year I was lucky enough to travel to Nepal with my family to visit our friends who are currently living over there. I was so grateful for this opportunity because up until this point I hadn't been aware of just how much I take for granted. Seeing how difficult life can be for families there and how happy and positive the majority of people are reminds me just how lucky I am.

Lesson 3: Don't stress over things you can't change - This is easier said than done for me but this year I feel that I have really been able to put this into practice and have found myself letting things go which a few years ago would have been unthinkable.

Lesson 4: Let those around you help - Often I find myself trying to juggle a lot of things and this year was a good year for me in that I decided to let people in and ask them to help me to organise my school work among other things and I am super grateful to them for helping me do it.

Lesson 5: Once you start a project finish it! - This is something that I am still working on and will continue to do so, (as are the other things in this post) I am one of the worst people for starting something and getting bored 5 minutes later and then forgetting about it. This year I have tried my hardest to stick things out til the end and I think (hope) that I am getting better at it.

So there you have it 5 lessons I have learnt in 2013 and I am looking forward to embracing 2014 and all it has to offer and I hope you too feel the same way! 


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The first ever moisturiser of the month

Oops September was over very quickly and I wasn't as ready as I had thought to write this post what with exams and everything it is a little late, but never mind because I am about to share with you the moisturiser I have been reaching for all month and that is the Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser.

It has an almost whipped cream feel to it and so it sinks into your skin almost immediately which is great especially if you want to put your make up on in a hurry and you haven't got time to let it all sink in. However the thing that surprised me most about this moisturiser is how it actually started to not only prevent spots but to also start to remove tiny little bumps on my forehead (this sounds so gross) which I had previously just accepted that they were never going to leave.

However I do have just one criticism and that is that after a while it sort of just stops being as effective I don't whether this is just your skin getting used to it or weather it isn't as impressive and I had first thought and despite the fact it says "maintain moisture levels and giving long lasting shine control" it has made my skin look oilier towards the end of the day. 

So despite the fact it was only £4.99 from boots boots it did do a great job for 3 out of the 4 weeks of the month when I did start to notice some of the down sides but, I would use it again as it does genuinely make a difference to my skin and hopefully by alternating it with something else it will keep being effective.



Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Organising my life

Just as a pre-warning this is a little different to my usual posts related to beauty but I hope that you enjoy it and you take something away from it nonetheless.

Ok, so recently I embarked upon my final year of high school, now that sounds really scary, and I felt that in order for me to be as prepared as I can be for my exams I had better start organising my life and so I took a trip to Staples. However I managed to convince myself that I needed what felt like almost half of the stationary in the shop which is no mean feat as our local staples is a converted warehouse..

Anyway I have made a start on 'organising my life' and so I thought I would share with you how I have begun to get organised.

Blu tack is just one of those things that you feel you need in order to keep yourself organised because it's just so useful I tend to use it for putting up my revision posters *yawn*

I also bought some notecards, card holders and customisable card dividers to store my revision in, I will be going back to collect more of these as they just make you feel so prepared!

Finally I bought the usual folders these were only 50p each so I stocked up, I also bought a lever arch file which was also a bit of a bargain at only £1.00!

I hope to write more of these posts as I start to collect more things to help me organise myself so keep an eye out for more like this!


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MaxFactor Pink Brandy

I recently went to a family members wedding (it was a lovely day) and me being me (one of the most unorganised human beings in all the world) I left everything until the last minute...As you can well imagine it was a mad dash into town to go and collect the final bits and pieces to make my outfit complete.

I decided to take a quick look in Boots, yes the same Boots where I find it inexplicably easy to spend upwards of £25 every time I go in, so it probably wasn't one of the best ideas I've ever had! However I was very self controlled and only bought the things that I had been meaning to get anyway.*she smiles smugly to herself*. 

I picked up two things, the first being the well renowned Essie's Mint candy apple (look out for a blog post on this) and the second being Max Factor's Pink Brandy. 

So down to what this blog post is all about, Pink Brandy.

Pink Brandy is a semi-matte soft pink lipstick which can be applied with virtually no effort, which is great as you don't have to worry about it sliding down your face during the day or you missing your lips completely when trying to apply it on the move. It also lasts a very long time (around 2-4 hours depending on what I am doing) before having to reapply it. 

It retails at £6.99 from boots which I happen to think is a steal! Overall I really enjoy wearing this lipstick as it just adds that extra something to your makeup without it looking overdone. I also love it because I find it easy to pair with a gloss to zhush (again not a word) your look up a bit.

However I am only here to tell you about my experiences so why not pop down to boots to give it a try for yourself.

Excuse the chunk missing but I put the lid onto the lipstick..oops

Saturday, 15 June 2013

ZARA Office City Bag

It's here! I finally caved in and bought the Zara Office city bag and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to have it in my grasp! I was on the lookout for a new school bag and this just fits the brief perfectly. It keeps it's shape even when it's stuffed full and feels sturdy and well made.
It arrived in one of the biggest boxes I have ever seen, covered in tissue paper and with a little card showing the features of the bag. I love how the bag zips up and 'pops' together therefore preventing the contents becoming damp if it rains (which it regularly does in England!) it is also made of polyurethane with a cross hatched designed making it both look and feel luxurious but being practical at the same time as it is easy to wipe clean.
The lining is made of a lovely wine coloured polyester which again gives it the look of a much more expensive bag. 

As you can see the bag might fit loads of stuff in it but it doesn't swamp you. I am 5'1 and although it's clearly not a small bag it doesn't look massively oversized on a smaller frame.
The bag retails for £49.99 and although it's not cheap I wouldn't say that it isn't a reasonable price for a bag that will last quite a long time. The only problem I have noticed is that the zips can sometimes become a bit stiff but I left my bag to stand for a couple of days with nothing in it and they seem to have no problems now.
You can by this bag from the Zara website or by clicking this link.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Clinique Blush in Smoldering Plum


This was originally my mum's blush from a couple of years ago and so I recently dug it out and decided to give it a go. It's not a colour that I would usually go for as I am not a massive fan of purpley (probably not even a word) toned things. I find that they don't suit my skin tone too well so I was surprised with what a nice colour this gave! In the pan it has a very deep pinky red which when it catches the light turns into a lilac toned blush with purple flecks of glitter/shimmer. I was initially scared by this colour but with just a light sweep in really brightens your complexion! This blush was a free gift when you spent a certain amount of money hence it's smaller size of only 1.8g as opposed to the usual 6g of product. You do also get with the blush a small blush/contour brush for on the go touch ups. A normal pot of this blush would cost £21.00 which in my opinion is slightly on the upper end of what I would pay for a blush. Overall it is a nice blush but I personally wouldn't buy it again.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Review of Soap&Glory's Scrub your nose in it

The product comes in a pink tube with a cap

The product doubles up as a mask!

It doesn't come up so true to colour but it is a bright blue
It certainly does refine large pores and prevent blemishes
Well hello there! First off I must just congratulate you on wanting to find out more about this wonder product so give yourself a pat on the back or just feel smug if you prefer! I bought this product about 3 weeks ago and have been trying to use it everyday. I find that it tends to become an easy step to miss in my skincare routine but definitely a crucial one. I suffer with blocked pores on my nose and when I saw this on the shelf I just had to snap it up and take it home with me. It comes in a 275ml tube and costs £7.50 which I think is an absolute bargain. I tend to use it in the morning instead of a cleanser as I remove my makeup the night before so there is no trace of it on my face (ooh that rhymed!) I simply splash a little warm water on my face and use literally a pea size to cover my whole face! I concentrate on my nose and either side of it and then spread it round my face in circular motions to exfoliate as well-did I mention that it is also an exfoliator?-a slightly alarming feature is that it is bright blue and smells rather strongly of mint BUT it does leave your skin super soft and super clear. A slight problem I have with this however is the fact that I have to use a very thick moisturiser afterwards to try to replace the moisture it removes but that could just of been because I was using it with a cleanser that claimed to remove excess oils, but not having a problem with excess oils it dried my skin out. Needless to say I no longer use that cleanser with this product and I am now using Soap&Glory's peaches and clean which I will be doing a review on at a later date. Overall I am really happy that I bought this product and I will definitely repurchase another when this one eventually runs out.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Review of the TONI&GUY shampoo for advanced detox

The product in full

I am so happy I found something that works!

So after struggling for a couple of weeks with hair that would become greasy as soon as I had washed it I decided to scour the internet in the hope of finding a reason why. That is when I stumbled upon an article which explained why this was happening,

it appears that the silicone in shampoos builds up in your hair which causes it to become even greasier than normal. I read on for a while and decided there and then that I would not rest until I found myself a detox shampoo and after doing some research I made the decision to buy the TONI&GUY shampoo for advanced detox and boy is it good! I have only had to use this a couple of times as luckily it is only for occasional use as otherwise I would be using it everyday just because I love the feel it gives my hair. It makes it super light and it feels squeaky clean a massive difference from the usual limp, lifeless and heavy hair that usually follows after washing it. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who enjoys having clean hair and has experienced these kind of problems you won't regret it. It is also a steal from Boots for only £5.99 for 250ml especially as you don't have to use it too often! I will definitely repurchase this when it runs out as I am in love with this product.